Writing Adventures Day 13: The Last of the Summer Days

Even the clovers look down on this last, very warm summer day.

Well, that’s the impression they give, viewed from the window of my little writing nook.

Indeed, fellow writers, I’m hiding from both the heat and a beautiful day, determined to get a bit ahead with the writing goals.

Somehow, someway, somedelidou, I seem more interested in making a James Stewart out of myself!

I’m sitting at the window, watching the sleepy neighbourhood, waiting for the sun to come down so I can go sit on the deck by the tall elephant grass, this time to watch the birds.

Like many have said before me and you: « I should be writing ».


But the teenage girl took her less-yapping-then-before dogs for a walk. One dog is the mama, the other is her puppy, a fluffy ball of fluffyness who’s probably looking forward to autumn.

But the front neighbour took off again with her adorable camping van and her dog. She left Leo the cat behind, a lurking read hair feline always after the wild rabbits.

But the kids living in the blue house on the corner are running around the front yard despite their parents asking them to come inside. Their new baby must be asleep in the house.

Many families were biking around this morning. Not so much now that we reached 33 degrees Celsius.

There’s probably a line-up in front of every ice cream shop in my little town by the water.

Near the river, families are probably cleaning up after their picnics.

I’m looking out the window. Light is calling « Come down ».

I’m staying here.

I’m writing.


Thanks for being here, I’m very grateful. Until the next adventure!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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