Writing Adventures Day 20: The One Guest Birthday Party

You blink.

And your only child is five years old.

When I was a kid, I remember very well finding it quite weird when adults said: it goes so fast. Or finding it annoying when they would: you grow up so fast.

Everything was going so slow on my side of things! I had to wait a year to be 8 years old, I had to wait for the bell to go play, wait for this, that, and this again.

Somehow time changed when I got pregnant, and it change again when kiddo arrived.

Now, kiddo is at kindergarten. Learning new games. Making friends. It’s all very recent. Too recent to invite anyone to a birthday party, on a short notice too.

We invited only one friend, the best friend, for the birthday. And it was amazing. We played games, and ate candy and cake, and listen to music and took way too many pictures.
I enjoyed spending that time with the kids, talking with them, watch them go.

Did I have a second to work on the writing projects? Nope.

Does it matter? Nope.

Because it goes so fast.

You blink, and…

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