Writing Adventures Day 21: Working on a Sunday

Rain and autumn weather makes a perfect combination to do something comforting.

Read a cozy mystery novel while sipping tea.

Watch an old fashion movie with a bowl of buttered popcorn to eat endlessly.

Or, if you’re not me:

join in the crowded shopping center to buy stuff, useful or not, in order to cross something off the to-do list. Or not.

Being at the retail day job on such a perfect Sunday to do read a novel or watch a movie was… motivating.

As soon as kiddo went to bed, I got he pen and paper and laptop out. And started writing / doodleling / blogging.

My brain is too overhelmed to dive in the writing projects, so I’ll settle for a free writing session sprinkled with ddodleling and writing a very short post!

Dear fellow writers, if I learned one thing this past two years its to avoid pushing a brain mushed out by a very long, exhausting, a bit sad reatail workday.

It pains me a tiny bit, because it means I start the week with a minus two whole chapters in the writing goals.

That being said, with all honesty, I’m convinced everything that would have come out of my imagination tonight would be utter crap.

I’m not tempting the muse. I’m going to bed. At 8pm. That’s right. That’s it.

Take the best care of yourself, dear fellow writers, and thank you oh so much for being here.

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