Day 44: How to Stick to A Writing Routine While Working Crazy Day Job Hours

It’s coming.


The (-in-famous) Black Friday?

The unavoidable 9 am to 9 pm holidays-in-a-mall shifts?

You guessed right, dear fellow writer!

It’s an all-of-the-above answer. And I need to prep in order to avoid overtiredness, grumpiness or worse: bitterness.

The season to put on some happy glasses, happy songs and a happy hat (you know, to try to see or to remember there’s some good in human beings)
is coming.

Better get ready to make the best of it.

Tips to Keep Writing While Working Crazy Hours

  • Sleep
    Trying to write through the night might work… a week or two.
    Then, tiredness will kick in. Followed by an inevitable feeling of guilt every time we hit the snooze button.
    Therefore, let’s sleep. Earlier than usual, not later than we’re used to.
  • Expectations Setting: Good Enough
    On my side of the screen, I know I will put in fewer words in the daily word count goal.
    Because I’m a busy mama getting stuff ready for the Holidays;
    because I’m 35 to 44 years old working a very physically demanding retail job;
    because, after many downs and as many ups, I know my writer-self a little better and pushing my limits will just end in some bad writing sessions.
  • No Skipping (The Hardest Part)
    My real, real nemesis: the skipping temptation.
    Thing is, if I skip once, I will, extra sure, skip again the next day.
    Sooooo: no skipping… and a reward for doing so, like ten minutes of reading time or, if you like the Socials, a moment to dumb scroll without guilt.
    My favourite reward: a short walk just before dawn.

Fellow writers, many thanks for being here. Until next time!

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