Day 169: I Love You at Midnight

Oh yeah, I had time to write yesterday evening. Yeah, yeah…

Took out the laptop… you know… and got cozy in bed… and all…

Only to fall asleep seconds later. And when I say fall asleep, I mean it.

Oh dear, saliva drizzling, hair everywhere, arms stuck in the weirdest position!!!

« Who cares about your bed hair, mama », you ask, dear fellow writers. « What happened to your poor laptop? »

It did gently slide on the good side of the bed – don’t know why the first scene of the Lego movie boomed in my head, you know the one where all the Legos are singing « Everything is awesome ». I felt wholeheartedly grateful for sure!

By that time, around midnight, I really just wanted to go back to sleep. Forget writing tonight, yet again. Laptop was quite hastily put aside and I got cozy once more, only in a less I-need-a-physiotherapist way.

Right in the middle of that sweet sleepy moment, you know just before Morpheus takes you in his arms… tippy toes tippy toes tippy toes.

The usual bang of the water bottle being « put » on the nightstand scared Morpheus away.

Kiddo is standing beside the bed.

« Climb in », I say in a hush, sleepy voice.

« I love you mommy » says kiddo before climbing on me, one knee pressing on my belly. Kiddo slides on the good side of the bed.

I love you at midnight. It is worth every written word in the world.

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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