Day 51: To Poets, Eternal Thanks

In the past few weeks, it’s been a challenge to even find the energy to turn on the laptop in the evening.

A challenge to take the time to read the great work of my fellow writers-bloggers-book-reviewers.

To find enough words, and then find the strength to write them down into a coherent and hopefully funny blog post had become… hard.

Luckily, I’ve got old tips and tricks, plus a new one: poetry.

I’m no poet. The rare attempts at writing poetry I made over the years are proof enough.

However, I love reading the words of poets.

Poets of the past. Poets of the now.

In the words of poets, I find peace, beauty and dreams.
I find lights through rather grey retail work days.

And I find the motivation to keep writing.

To Poets of the world, eternal thanks!

Day 47: What to Do with an Over-the-Top-Smelling Birthday Present?

I am asking you.

For real.

I swear I do Not know what to do.

I had to accept it, and with a big smile too.

The present comes from the hands, and beautiful heart, of my day job boss (yes, good bosses do exist – out of the many-many-many retail or not jobs I had, let’s say… 30 in 20 twenty years, I’ve encountered 4 good bosses. I’m lucky).

Now I’m home. The present is away from my nose. And I’m debating.

Can’t toss it away. Pollution.
Can’t use it. Smelly.
Can’t hide it. It smells.

Donating it would be a great solution, but this option comes with making up a story.

Lying, to be precise.

Might sound like a strange thing to say for a writer of fantasy, sci-fantasy and cozy mystery novels, but

I dislike lying.

Let’s dive meta-deeply here and hypothesize that… that might be why I have such a hard time finishing this ghost-related writing project…

… yeah…

… moving on.

Re-gift it? Burry it in the basement overcrowded spare room?

Nah. It would smell anyway.

Promise, I don’t understand the people who make that kind of self-care product sense of smell.

How can any company agree to go on and sell an over-sweet, over-floral smelly product like that? Who’s testing it? Who’s smelling it in the first place?

With all honesty, for real, I would be curious to meet those people.

Yeah, true, it would be waaayyy more useful to you if this post would be devoted to analyzing a big writing problem in order to contribute to the Writing Community.

But, yeah, I needed to rant a little.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being here. I’m grateful.

Until next time, wishing you all the good words!

Day 46: Writing Challenges

There’s an ABBA song that always made me wonder.

What is like, this rich people’s world?

What does it feel like to never have to worry about making ends meet each month on a retail salary?

On the other end, do rich people know how amazingly generous people working retail can be.

A woman did something amazing for my family today.

A woman, busy managing a retail store while taking care of her aging parents and so many others, will work more hours so I could take care of my family. Kiddo was having a rough time with the changing schedule, and hubby-to-be is walking on the thin burnout line.

That line, I know it too well.

Maybe you do too, fellow writer?

When Only anger and bitterness drive you out of bed while all you really need, want, and desire oh-so-much is to go back to sleep. Or read novels. Or watch BBC’s Pride&Prejudice.
Well, that was me two years ago… and some mornings.

However, this new-new routine brings on some writing time challenges.

Let’s bring it, and keep the writing mojo going.

Wishing you all the good words… and all the writing mojo you need!

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