Diary of a writing project. Day 142: the brackets writing tip

How’s your writing mind?

How’s your writing mind?

Mine is very linear, always has been. From A to Z, there’s only one way in my brain: chronological, one letter after the other.

If I outlined, I then followed the outline.

One chapter after the other.
Writing the whole thing through.
Then moving on.

In other words, I more than less write the same way I read.

The many authors out there, sharing their work and their writing process, inspired me to upgrade the way I write.

Honest to the big G’s up there, I’ve never thought of using brackets or simply write (insert joke here!) or (this what the next two pages should be about in three sentences).
I cannot write in a none chronological order, but I’m allowing myself to write a resume or even a synopsis of a chapter I’d rather write later because of… many reasons like I want to flesh out a character ARC or get on with a cute scene.

In the same spirit, I will be moving from Word to Scrivener in a couple of weeks or so (the budget reality of a freelance writer; gotta wait to have money before spending money).

I’ll do a « test drive » first, but I’m ready for a software designed specifically to handle a big document like a novel, or a play, or a screen play.

I love Word, I’ll keep it. But when the manuscript reaches more than a 100 page, glitches and so much weird little things happen.

I’m almost ready to share the new word count for the YA WIP. I’m still in the process of getting the new outline all set up, adding the rough draft words worth keeping to what I’m ready to call the first draft.

And I will soon share some writing news concerning my writing quest. Stay tune!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you happy writings.

Diary of a writing project. Day 130: stalling at the re-write line

At that point, I really tough of shelving the project, once and for all. After all, it gone through two rounds of rejections already.
Things is, I still want to tell the story. It’s in my heart. It’s a good story. It’s full of hope, full of adventures and wonderful, amazing, fantastic … things!

I know what I have to do with the current middle-grade work in progress.

Re-write everything from chapter 11 to the end, the projected chapter 25.

And I’m stalling.

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