Writing Diary. Day 108: Perfect snow day for writing

All night, freezing rain, riding on stormy winds, tic and toc against the windows.

At 4 am, I asked kiddo to back to sleep and for once, kiddo listen.

Then kiddo raised with a timid sun, hiding behind heavy clouds.

I couldn’t bring myself to move.
Two different headaches were having a discussion in my brain, and forming sounds in my sore throat made me wanna puke.

Writer mama was gonna have to stay in bed to rest… and write!

Perfect snow day

In the grown ups bedroom, there’s two big windows. We can see the crooked branches of the mountain ash, the neighbours rooftops and, for a short period of time during winter, far away, we can see a bit of the river bassin and of the lonely hill, further away.

From time to time, I could ear a neighbor fighting off the thick coat of ice on its car.

I like those weird storm days, more so when I can stay inside and listen and spy!
At first, all is quiet. Then, slowly, the shovels party will begin, only interrupted by the city trucks cleaning the streets from the snow and ice, making the whole house shake.

Meanwhile, I write.
This blog post, an idea for a new story or I work on the work in progress of the moment.
Working is great, enjoying work is better!

Thanks for reading, dear writer friends, and I hope you’re enjoying working on your stories!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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