Writing Diary. Day 106-107: A writing plan down the (frozen) drain

I love stories in which the weather is taking into account, describe, and sometimes becomes sort of a character.

The weather definitely influenced my writing plans for this week-end.

As it did everybody’s plans around here.

January, and it’s raining like it usually does in March. Heavy, cold, slushy kind of rain.

I planned to hit 45K words in the revision and editing of the MG writing project. I would work all day on it yesterday, and hit the glorious finish line in a coffee shop.
The coffee shop was also the occasion to have a little « me-time », since kiddo has been waking up at 4 am all – week – long.


Yesterday, kiddo had a severe fever and graced us with some vomit episodes. Not a word was revised, little less edited.

This morning, heavy rain was glooming in the form of very dark clouds. A simple warning sign of the bad weather to come.
Loads of freezing rain are coming this way, and we had to prepare. Around here, freezing can mean no-electricity for a few hours, even for days.

So, instead of going to the pretty coffee shop with my laptop-friend, nestled down near by a big bay window and later, triumphant, pat me-self in the back for reaching the projected 45k words, the morning was spend running errands before the storm.

New writing plan

Of course, I made a new game plan and all, but… darn it, I was so pumped up, ready to reach that goal!

Anyway, no sense in spending more time rambling about the recent past.

Let’s move on to the near futur!

I’ll reach 40k words tonight, which is still good progress. Important editing changes are happening and it is so exciting the story morphing into something with a better flow, structure and more developed characters.

The main character is going through so much, and it was hard in the first chapters to show the readers that she is more than a whiny spoiled person. Leaving childhood behind is particularly rough for, even more since she is send by her parents in a private school, away from the few friends she had.

She’s witty and awkward, fun and kind. Very courageous and determined too, as she will discover herself along the way.
It’s a fantasy novel, so of course, she’ll also discover how different she truly is.

And speaking of her, I’m going to go and say hi!

Thanks for reading, dear writer friends!

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