Diary of a writing project. Day 109-110: Not very well

The best recipe to cure a cold is probably getting cozy like a pug, or get working on the revision of your first draft... of your fifth one

Writing is hard when:

  • the story is stuck
  • the writing motivation is in the drain
  • the writer has a cold

A Big cold.

Ideas are fuzzy. It takes forever to write every.single.word.

I’m not very well.

Hello Stress. Back so soon, hey?!

Meanwhile, the freelance day job is stressing me out again (so soon). It’s all about money. Two years as a freelance writer haven’t gotten me that many gigs.
Again, I write in French in a very little market, and I am a poor business person.

Yeah, so, ends me getting sick and feeling like a forgotten piece of crap.

I constantly stop in the middle of revising the MG writing project to go through all the scammy « how to make money fast » pins there are.
They are many.

Still, I hit 40k words today.
My goal was to get to 45K with the revising and editing by last Sunday. Nevertheless, considering the cold, the cold-pills and the sad vibes from the day job, it’s good progress.

On with the happy side of things now!

This MG writing project changed so much over the course of seven years! I’m currently editing + revising draft five. Or as I like to call it now, the last draft.

The worldbuilding got so much deeper, so much more interesting. It’s a load of fun.
Thanks for my beta-reader, now gone back to live in Belgium, who reproached me of hiding too many secrets.
She said: « I want to see the wonder. It sounds amazing. Show it to me! »

It implied tons of changes, more research and a bigger notebook, but I am forever thankful I listened to her.

Beta-reader and critique partners are priceless. I dearly hope the last version finds a good publisher.
Because the incredibly hard journey towards self-publishing is not want I feel ready to embark in just yet.
But if it’s what it takes for that book to be read, so be it. I guess.

Until then, I’ll keep writing.

Until next time, writer friends, and thanks for reading!

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