Diary of a writing project. Day 111: about footprints in the snow

Amazing what some footprints can do for your creativity.

It started on the front porch.

Fluffy snow fell during the night, and I could see footsteps on the stairs in front of the house

An early delivery has been made, in the form of a boring plastic bag full of thick flyers destined to be recycled right away.
It usually gets delivered late in the afternoon.
Plain and simple as that.

But it got me to a wonderful, wonderful place: what if.

Danger zone!

If I was to ask other writers where they got the idea for the WIP they currently working on, ALL of them would able to describe what they were doing at the exact moment the idea sparked every cell in their brains, leaving them overexcited and looking for their notebook (if you’re like me, you also desperately looking for a pen).

Ideas for novels are awesome!
They get 10 000 words out of your writer’s heart in no time.
They sound, they look, they smell like the best ideas ever.

And they are a disaster when you are working on TWO novel projects already!!!

That being said, yours truly also need to finds ways to put bread on the table. And a smudging of butter would be nice too.

Ends, I will be coming up soon with a new series of blog posts about my process for turning an idea into a novel. Or into a sweet treat for the garbage. We will see.

Meanwhile, I’ll get back to the MG novel project, on which I haven’t been able to work on the past couple of days.

The goal: get to 45K words by midnight.

I’ll keep you posted in the next entry this diary of a writing project!

Thank for reading!

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