Diary of a writing project. Day 112: it is getting funnier

as a writer, I don't often have full confidence in what I'm writing, but some days, it would just go so great, you could fly!

This day actually started at 3:30 am.

Not in a good way. In a crying, yelling, whining way.

But no worries, I know where to go to make all the mama exhaustion, guilt, frustration go away. That’s right, the MG writing project!

(now, I won’t lie, a whole bowl of fudge brownie frozen yogurt for lunch will also help a bit to make the bad feelings go away)

I had to day job in the morning, but decided to work on the MG novel in the afternoon. I needed a break.

The shiny reward did not disappoint.

It is going well, especially since I got to a really fun scene. What I need to accomplish with the revision is focus more on the fun.

This book is a fun adventure.

A bit grim, a bit sad, a bit « what the heck », but overall, a fun novel.

Writing the book you wanna read

What I loved the most about books, back from when I was a kid up to these adult days, is their ability to transport me somewhere else. To leave reality far behind.

I re-read this MG novel over and over, and honestly, I still love it.

Well, not true. There was a time I could not look at it. Both because I felt like I failed the story and the characters, and I felt like a general writer failure.

Stories kept coming back, and that MG novel was a good novel… that needed more work.

Speaking of the writing project this post is supposed to be about.

I love writing dialogue, and the fun scene I’m currently editing is also the first dialogue the main character has with her sidekicks and, spoiler alert, future friend.

With a MG novel, I feel you can have more fun with the police characters, or big strong metaphor or blunt description.
I had a blast, heehee!

On that cheerful note, good night and good writing, writer friends!

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