Diary of a writing project. Day 184: Rainy Spring Day – Quarantine 2 of 32 –

The fear is spreading. Pollution is rising (plastic bags, latex gloves, frozen food, etc…). Money is raining like it comes from magic trees…

Dear humans…

Let’s see what we can do without the pandemic of bad news.

Starting yet another new writing project.

Tomorrow is the day. A new writing project will begin. Code name: RomCom-GrownUp.

For now, I’m a bit nervous, since I find it hard to find the writing motivation.
All I wanna do is escape in a book, in a movie, a tv series. Like everybody else on Earth right now.

Sure, writing is an escape. And I love it, especially now. But every writing project I start used to come with a plan, a writing-marketing-promoting plan.
Now, so much is happening. So much content is created.

Where will that leave the book industry? Stronger now, because everybody is buying books and e-books.

But what will be the aftermaths of that? The RomCom-GrownUp will be published in May 2021. By then, it might read like a historical RomCom !

Who’s to know?

« Que sera, sera » as the song says.

The fast drafting plan

I will be doing Camp NaNo this year.
Because it is a very good way to give oneself some goals, which is, I’ve learned today through a psychologist talking on a radio show, very important to remain mentally healthy while being asked to stay in your home with your kid 24/7.
For 31 more days.

For Camp NaNo, I want to finish rough drafting the project, so I wanna write 45 to 50 k words in 31 days.

While keep working on the YA paranormal. For that project I really, really wanna finish, my writing goal is to write, at the very least, 500 words every week day, and at least 500 words during the week-end.

Do I plan to sleep?

Yes, but less.

Way less.

The plan is to wake up at 3 am every week day to write.
It seems super early, but really, it’s about 2 hours before my kiddo wakes up (we’ve got an early riser, and no going to bed later or shorter naps as yet been able to change that).

The plan is also to take full advantage of the evening writing session to work on the YA paranormal for a solid two hours.

Let’s take it from here, and see how it goes.

Fellow writers, thank you for reading. Thank you so much.

Until the next rambling time !

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