Diary of a writing project. Day 183: Monday – Quarantine 1 of 32 –

Two days left before April 1st.

Two days before I start a new writing project for the famous camp NaNoWriMo.

That means working on two writing projects. Now, I did not do well last time I try to work simultaneously on two writing projects. But!

But, here’s why it’s gonna be better this time around: the adult rom-com is in it’s first outlining, brainstorming, rough drafting stage. It means it’s « easier » to get some words on the page.

As for the current writing project, unless I reach my daily word count, I will not be working on the rom-com.

Simple as that.

If that paranormal novel for… well, I’ve been doing some extensive research, and YA stands for 13-18 years old readers. I’m back to calling it YA paranormal novel. Even if I’m a little baffled by that group age, since I thought YA was for 16+ years old.

Anyway. It’s not like I’m going to query it to a US literary agent anytime soon since I write in French and all. Or send it to a francophone publisher next month: here, every publisher is closed until further government noticed.

Dark sunrise

Between the dark heavy clouds, a thin layer of golden light is getting stronger by the minute.

I wish the same light would shine through the dark clouds gathering in my writer’s heart.

Publishers closed, indie bookstores trying to survive the lockdown, an enormous wave of novels waiting to clutter the very-cluttered online publishing platforms.

My little story had a slim chance of getting through the wall build around every francophone publishers. Now, the chances are close to non-existent. As for self-publishing, like I said, a drop in the abysses of the seven oceans.

Let’s keep writing, nevertheless. Just in case I’m wrong.

Fellow writers, stay safe and happy writing!

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