A week of Diary of a Writing Project: The End of April.

Monday, Day 209

One thing let to another, and… schedule writing time vanished.

It’s not like I have somewhere to go, or e-meeting to attend. Heck, I don’t even entertain the idea of calling friends.

Confinement does funny things to people. For one thing, I’m rather please to be forced to avoid social gatherings of any kind.

On the other end, every park, every library, every place we used go to are either closed or/and closed to more than one person. A person wearing a protective mask, of course. It starting to get under my skin, this feeling of lost.

Tuesday, Day 210

Fellow writer, how you doing?

Short nap time today. Plus, some daycare bad news.

It’s not gonna be possible for this mama to go back to trying to get a job, which would be easy if I choose to ditch writing altogether to go work in the fields, until the end of June. Bonus: the educators will have to wear masks and gloves, and us parents will have to respect a strict schedule and stay in the doorway.

Does it sound like a prison? I think so too. What kind of fun a kid can have when the people surrounding him/her/non-binary are fearing that the virus « bomb » will explode in their protected faces?

So I wrote today. And did some editing. And lost myself in words far, far away from this pandemic.

Is writing a way for you to get away as well? Bless are we to be in love with writing stories.

Wednesday, Day 211

Not enough sleep. Very bad angry mood.

Grrrr…. !

Thursday, Day 212

Kiddo of mine, my sweet lovely amazing kiddo, will you ever EVER go to sleep?

Friday, Day 213

Depressing newsletter, from my editor. Not addressed to me especially, but to every francophone, or writing for a francophone audience, aspiring author out there.

In essence, the newsletter says that now might not be a good time to submit a story.
Some publishers don’t know yet how/if they will be able to get back to business. One thing for sure, the newsletter goes on, the francophone publishers will be very, very picky.

Saturday, Day 214

I would have love to creep out of the house this morning.

With a hot tea, a warm blanket, and my laptop. I would have curled up on a wide chair, sip that tea, and look at the magnificent sky before blogging a paragraph or two.

It such a beautiful day. All I want to do is play in my garden, clean up what’s left to clean, and finally decide where to put the vegetable garden.

Instead, I will try to not go crazy, keep calm and take the kiddo for a walk in park. Yes, a forbidden park.

Kiddo needs to run in the grass, play around the trees, look at the rapids. Maybe see other humans under five years old.

Sunday, Day 215

Cloudy and rainy weather is perfect for confined Sundays, better known as « staying in my pj and not cooking » day.

I’ll find a novel and keep it in my hands at all times. A shield against the new confined week coming up, and all that entails.

This week writing goal: getting to 75K words.

Yes, yes, fellow writers, you read right. I’m closing in on the 75K words milestone. Finally.

Nooo pressure, but if I can achieve that, it would mean I would be only 10K words from finishing my first novel in 2020. Yé!
This year, I also want to at least finish the first draft of the fantasy middle-grade book I’ve been outlining back in February-March.
I haven’t abandoned my Rom-Com for adults, also partially outlined, but I’m less into contemporary context right now. It’s a pandemic thing, I guess.

Many, many thanks for reading, clicking, sharing, fellow writers. I’m forever thankful for your time and patience.

I hope you find these blog ramblings useful, or funny, or tiny-tiny bit entertaining.

From the other side of the screen, I wish you good writings !

Stay safe and until next Sunday!

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