Diary of a writing project. Day 206-207-208: 6 days, one week-end and 2 500 words later

I started this writing project with one big, over the top writing goal.

Back then, I taught this was not such an unrealistic, unreasonable writing goal. Giving that many authors can sit and write 4K, 5K, 10K words in a day, I could also do it.

I, mama of young kiddo, was to write 7 500 words a week while working full-time and taking care of every house chores (yes, taking the trash out and mowing the lawn included).

Writing this just makes me smile. And it shows how little I seem to learn, year after year.

One good thing comes out of everything, or so they say. From this pandemic, this prolongs confinement, the good thing I definitively learned is: writing a good novel is what matters the most.

To write a good novel, it takes time, discipline, humility. Hard work. Most important of all: it takes self-care. For example, writing goals are good, important even, as long we, writers, don’t get crazy over it.

This week, I wrote 2 500 words. A very good writing week, even if it’s mean I’m way behind my weekly writing goal, way behind my deadline for this first-draft.
Since the confinement, I haven’t been as productive. Learning to be ok with that took several weeks, but I feel like I’m finally there.

Fellow writer, here’s another thing I realized: as much as I love blogging, as much as I need it even, it’s dividing my writing energies.

I’ll keep up my writing diary, for it’s a project close to my heart, but I’ll switch to weekly or bi-weekly blog post.

Thank you for reading, thank you for following me on my crazy writing quest.

Until next time, stay safe and may all the good words be with you!

Auteur : Marie Alice

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