Weekly Writing Diary: Starting a new writing project (not for Camp Nano)!

new writing project but not for camp Nano

Monday, June 29th, Day 1

Good morning fellow writers !

I’m very happy to be back sharing with you my writing journey to be a traditionally published or/and indie author.

Thanks a million for being here !

Here we are, new writing project, new series of weekly writing diary.

The 2020 Writing Project

I will be working on a novel for kids aged between 8 and 12. In short, for Middle-Graders.

And the novel genre is (if you’ve been around this blog before, don’t roll the drums, ’cause it’s really not going to be a surprise): a mix !

A mix of Epic Fantasy, Low Fantasy, with a dash of dystopian (don’t judge me, it works!) and tons of fun! I need light, adventure, magic. I need beauty and laugher.

As for the length, I’m aiming more or less for 65 000 to 70 000 words.

Writing Goals

I started working on a YA novel in September 2019 and finished the first draft in June 2020. The novel will be complete by the end of December 2020.
That writing project took 15 months for me to complete.

As proud as I am to have persevere with the project, it did took twice as long as I originally planned.

My goal for the new project is to have a complete, ready for the publishers or an independent editor manuscript by the end of December 2020.

That’s right, fellow writers! I give myself seven month to write a novel.

What on this good Earth makes me believe I will be able to accomplish this little writing miracle this time around?


My approach to this project is different.

It’s all about the fine details, folks!

I’m creating a thorough, on real paper, easy to read, reference notebook with the FantasyMG project.
I’m gathering all the pieces of information I might need while drafting.
As always, I’m writing detailed backstories, but with this writing project, I’m also writing sort of a character cheat-sheet with all the general info and the less general info easy to find.

I also took a different approach to the outlining process.

Away from any outlining models I can find online, but heavily inspired by previous research, the first outline I’m currently working on is a weird one, full of details, bullet points, notes, arrows and question marks.
It’s fun!

As for the daily, weekly word counts go, I will determine one every Monday, depending on what needs to happen in real-life!
If the pandemic has taught me anything is you really, really, really never know what the next moment will bring.
Also, I wanted to get rid of the stress to write that many words a day. I grew tired of feeling like an utter failure when, despite my efforts, I couldn’t make the word count goal happen.

At the end of the day, my ultimate writing goal with this project is to have fun!

Thanks again for reading, dear fellow writers !

Tuesday, Day 2

Papers everywhere on the bed. A pencil, a pencil sharpener, some pens for map drawings purposes, two notebooks, and a laptop sitting on a large picture book.

Words, ideas, dreams flowing.

I’m in writing heaven.

Wednesday, Day 3

First day on stay-at-home vacation with kiddo.

So far, so good, it’s a beautiful sunny day. We took advantage of the cool morning to go run near the river.

For writing purposes, I needed to take in a some nature sights and sounds. About, hum, I would say 3/4 of the action happens in a « medieval » society and decor.

I use the little quotation marks, because medieval time goes from 476 to 1453 (ap. J.-C.). That’s almost 1 000 years !

For inspiration, I’m sticking to Aliénor d’Aquitaine time period, which goes over 80 years (she lived a surprisingly long life for the times). She was Queen of France and Queen of England, a powerful woman in a world dominated by kings and popes and politics.
A time period I find absolutely fascinating and about which I’m happy to have my prejudices corrected.

Anyway, I better stop, fellow writer, or I’ll start quoting from Aliénor d’Aquitaine biography, and go on about her kids, Blanche de Castille and Richard Coeur-de-Lion.

Thursday, Day 4

5 am is early, by all means. I would it is especially early when one writer-mama had some wine the evening before.

Is my opportunity to thank all the creators behind Peppa Pig. Really, big, big thanks gals and guys !

Today is a big day. I’m gonna start working on rough outline number 2.

Deep research, here we go !

Friday, Day 5

Trying something new today. A test.

The laptop is on the kitchen table this morning, surrounded by people having breakfast. Kiddo slurping the milk before eating the cereals, hubby-to-be spreading veggiepate on his toast.

How will the writing work flow? Let’s write and see !

Saturday, Day 6

Fellow writers, when writing ideas are bubbling up in your busy brain, do you also feel the need to suddenly get moving?

Today, a much-needed change of scenes and sceneries was required for this mama writer.

Not only was I getting restless, but doubts were overpowering my writing will.

You know, doubts: is this good enough, is the writing getting better or am I sinking further more into horribleness, are the characters fun, is the story fun, are my tropes too trope-y, has it been done before, will I find a publishers in this pandemic?

The picnic was lovely. Resting under proud spruces while the wind was singing in the branches was oh so relaxing, pen and papers stayed in my bag.

Time flew by and thanks to the summer spirits, I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t seem to care either.

Which I know will be problematic if I don’t act on it right now.

We, writers aspiring to be traditionally published, no matter our age and back, have to believe it’s possible. We have to believe all this work will become a good novel, that will be enjoyed by many readers.

May our lucky star be listening…

Sunday, Day 7

Dear fellow writers, what a strange first week this was.

I feel like I touched the writing heavens, and a day later, fell down below the writing motivation ocean bottom.

(I, by the way, salute all those writers on AuthorTube who are doing a 12 hours Camp Nano writing relay. Chapeau!)

Since we had people over this morning, I though of getting myself a writing break. But if I don’t kick my butt now, I’ll find a new excuse tomorrow, and the day after that.

I’ll do my best to not let the doubt win this one.

Thanks for reading, fellow writers, and until next time!

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