Weekly Writing Diary : Holiday Spirit (in July…)

Sunrise fought between heavy clouds, still shining through now that dawn left the scene to a sticky morning. Which makes long for some winter wonderland weather, I’m not gonna lie.

pine cone for the holiday, in the middle of July; but i'm in the mood for some winter wonderland weather this heat wave days!

Monday, Day 8

An outdoor sprayer and cleaner, coming at you with a pump less technology, is a pretty basic piece of equipment.

I used such a device today, in order to clean the deck I am also to sand and stain.

Summer chores, you know.

Somehow, fellow writers, I had convinced myself that cleaning, sanding and staining a 15 foot by 18-foot deck would take me about six hours.

Let me just say this to the past me : mouahahahahahahahahaha !

Dear fellow writers, welcome back to the weekly writing diary! Thanks for being here!

Tuesday, Day 9

Third heat wave.

Perfect time to stay inside, in the basement. Turn on the christmas lights I purposely left hanging near the tv set. Write.

But no. No.

I went on, armed with a straw hat, cheap goggles and bluetooth headphones, to sand off the patio.

It’s about time for my evening writing session, but my mind and spirit feels numb.

This mama writer is ti-red, fellow writers! Physically, mentally. T-I-R-E-D.

Since I haven’t written last night though, I feel like I have to push through and get at least some revision work done, for brainstorming ideas seems like the absolute impossible task right now.

Let’s try it… I guess !

Wednesday, Day 10

This morning, kiddo’s tv show was about Christmas. Now, I wanna get the holiday decorations out, pour myself a cup of hot chocolate, and read a cozy murder mystery.

Since it’s about 40 degree Celsius with humidex (100 Fahrenheit), I’ll skip the whole thing and focus on the rain.

Rainy days are awesome. I always thought so.

As a kid, I would cherish them, for it meant I could read and not be forced to go outside « to play« , would always say my mom, « not to read. »

As I grew older, it meant I could go outside and feel like the whole deserted world was mine.

As for today, well, it means I can write instead of staining the patio.

Or I should say, I can put up a fight with the writing doubts and go write anyway.

Let’s get writing, fellow writers !

Thursday, Day 11

An unusual event occur at midnight last night.

Flashing lights flooded the bedroom, followed by a acute sound. In the neighbours driveway, an ambulance was backing up.

A bad end to a young adult’s party. Real young adults, I mean. 20 to 25 years old, you know.

I went back to bed, unable to sleep for what seem the whole night. Why?

You see, dear fellow writers, I’m sure you will all understand when I give you the answer: because I started thinking about novels.

About the stories in novels, but about what will be the faith of the brand new novels today, the aspiring author seeking traditional publishing.

Clarification: the faith of a francophone aspiring author, writing in French within a small, saturated francophone market…

In short, I fought with doubts a lot.


At long last, I made a decision.

I will send off the current manuscript to traditional publishers. If it doesn’t work, I’m going the (very hard) indie author way.

Until then, I’ll keep walking the path down this crazy quest.

Friday, Day 12

I opened my « you finished a novel » present yesterday.

In a big Christmas Village box, delivered earlier this week by an amused delivery man, was the addition to my Christmas Village.

Then, despite being surrounded by my reference book, two chapters I printed out, ready to be used, I lost myself on a Pinterest wave. I looked at how to make a display and such other holiday-related things.

The heat is putting my moral to the ground. I’m a writer from the North, ahaha!

I took a trip down memory lane and realized none of the three novels I finished and send off to publishers (as I said before, where I live, no literary agents; the authors have to submit their project themselves) took place during summer.

It’s either autumn or winter.

And right now, dear fellow writers, I long for a cool autumn breeze !

Saturday, Day 13

Taking a short writing break is a bliss.

By short break, I mean a day or two.

(I don’t know about you, fellow writers, but if I bailed on my writing routine for a week or so, going back to it is tough.)

And today seems like the perfect day to take a break !

Sunday, Day 14

A very welcome thunder storm is brewing.

Sunrise fought between heavy clouds, still shining through now that dawn left the scene to a sticky morning. Which makes long for some winter wonderland weather, I’m not gonna lie.

I dreamed of snow all week actually. Anyway, back to talking about writing.

Yesterday, I did my best to do nothing, in order to get bored.

Being bored is fine, but never for long. Soon enough I was spending time with the characters… I almost want to say hang out, but that would put me in the « are you ok? » category.

I have to remind myself often that taking a short break is essential for me to be productive.

At last, dear fellow writers, I simply feel like writing.

Thanks so, so much for reading, gals and guys. Thanks for your time, it means a big whole lot.

Until next time !

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