Weekly Writing Diary: The Tides of Imagination

When things change, the imagination goes everywhere but where this mama writer needs it to be.

Monday, Day 23

What feeds the creative writing words?

It may change from writer to writer, but there’s some common ground.

Can one be a stay-at-home parent and keep the creative writing in a healthy state?
The answer is fudgingadoodle yeah, of course !

But you do get yourself in some kind of a bubble. And that bubble, a tiny world itself, may affect the creativity, may narrow the writing horizons.


I was able to tackle so much work today, despite the fact that kiddo was with me all the time, and had a very short nap.

Let’s hope it’s a good omen for the coming writing week !

Tuesday, Day 24

A unusual day.

You need some of those to appreciate the routine. For sure.

Despite the unpredictable events, a very encouraging thing happened: I was able to get some revision done.

But oh, dear fellow writers, I’m awfully glad that unusual day is over.

I truly hope tomorrow brings peace.

Wednesday, Day 25

For today at least, clouds will be taking over this heat wave.

Clouds are awesome. They are very good at convincing people it might rain. Therefore, the tiny world I live in becomes very quiet, peaceful.

Maybe we don’t ear enough about the benefits of peacefulness. Or living a peaceful life.

It’s not boring, not for me anyway. To feel content. Happy.

But again, I’m a reader and a writer.

Dear fellow writers, things are about to change. In a very unplanned way. In a very unlike me way.

It makes want to dive in the MG Fantasy project. And stop only when it’s done… or when the leaves start to fall.

But I can’t. My mind and thoughts are far away, lost in reality.

Quite lost.

Thursday, Day 26

I got a part-time job. Yé me !

Funny how it happened too. Although, maybe not so much, in this pandemic times.

But the most wonderful thing about that job is: I will be able to keep writing.

It might take me a little while to get used to a new routine, get the hang of the job things. I don’t know yet if I’m gonna be able to keep up with the morning and evening writing routine.

Nevertheless, I’ll be able to dedicate a full day a week to writing, which is such a privilege and I feel very grateful for that opportunity.

And yet…

Friday, Day 27

Not a single word was written today.

There was ceci et cela to do. My head is, was, still full of it.

Full of everything but the words.

Saturday, Day 28

Just sit down and write.

Sure thing.

I feel like it’s gonna utter crap, but let’s try it anyway. Who knows, I might end up with tolerable crappy words after all…

Sunday, Day 29

I did. Sat down and write.

Yesterday writing’s session was painful. It was a circle of write, erase, doubt, write, erase, doubt.

But is the revision circle, I guess?

Dear fellow writers, this week was crazy weird. Thank to all the big G’s up there, it’s over.

For next week, well, I do hesitate to make any ferms writing plans, since I’m in a transition period.

But, I still gotta write if I want to get published ! Which still is my main goal, my number one and a half crazy adventure (the first big one being trying to be the best mom I can be)!

I’ll keep working on the first rough draft of MG Fantasy. I’ll keep going with revising the almost.

In short, dear fellow writers, kind enough to take the time to read this, I’ll keep writing !

Thanks for being here. I wish you all the good words.

Have a great writing week !

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