Weekly Writing Diary : Restless vibes

Must admit, today I’m quite happy to have a reason to not sit in front of the computer.
Some turmoil is turmoiling inside this mama writer, wanna be published author.

what better way to rest those restless vibes then with some chocolate ice cream

Monday, Day 15

Oh summer chores… They do take quiet some time to tackle, don’t they.

Must admit, today I’m quite happy to have a reason to not sit in front of the computer.

Some turmoil is turmoiling inside this mama writer, wanna be published author.

Swirl swirling

So many thoughts are swirling, writing projects, job hunting, gardening project, protecting the vegetable garden from rabbits and squirrels, pinning endlessly home decor stuff.

I needed to think of nothing but how my body aches while I do my summer chores.

Great job I did too. Now, I can’t think of nothing else then sleep and that sharp burning pain in my back.

Dear fellow writers, welcome to another Writing Diary week !

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my crazy adventures as a mama writer trying to write a fourth book, this time a MG Fantasy novel.

Tuesday, Day 16

For sure, I’ve read or heard about that writing tip online. But I cannot remember with all certainty who, nor where I’ve seen it.

I think I pick that writing tip up at Nathan Bransford blog, or in one of his newsletters.

Clearly establishing what needs to happen in each chapter, treating almost like a story in itself.

I had a little out loud conversation with myself, in order to finally get through revising chapter 4.

Although, I don’t want to outline the finished novel, since in revising, many things are changing, improving, trading spaces.

Wednesday, Day 17

 » I’ll get the plants! Oh yeah, and some vegetables… Oh, and I should get this while I’m doing that, because I need to get that done before I can this going… »

Restless, restless, restless…

Thursday, Day 18

Sleepless night means having to deal with a cranky mama all day.

It also means cranky writing, sort of.

When I get that tired, it tends to reflect in my writing.

The tone is either more lyrical, or more darker, borderline cynical. The sentences are long, long, long. As for the character, their emotions are all over the place, in many irrelevant details.

I’ve made the mistake of writing even if I was unable to truly detached my personal life from the work, the writing.

This thursday is such a day. Yet, I’m eager to write. I need the escape.

Perfect time to work on some world building. It might mean tumbling down a research hole and taking many notes instead of writing, but it’s ok.

Today, it is ok.

Let’s do this, fellow writers !

Friday, Day 19

Rain. Singing loudly against the rooftop, the windows.

I’m staring at the rain drops as if the minutes don’t go by. As if I don’t have to get going.

Of course, because I can’t (I got sick-ish kiddo to take care of), I feel like writing the hours of this day away.

We’ll see what can be done during nap time, fellow writers !

Two hours later

I was able to do a lot, dear fellow writers. Yé !

Saturday, Day 20

Well, we had visitors from the outside world today. My parents.

And it was my task to entertain them. From 10am to 5:30 pm. In the backyard. At 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

It was fun, but most of all, it was a very good to really take a day off from writing.

With all the public health directive to remember and apply, I didn’t have a minute to think about writing.

Too tired to write after kiddo (finally) fell asleep. Too tired to keep writing about the fact that I’m too tired to write a word.

Fellow writers, before this gets out of hands, good night, sweet dreams!

Sunday, Day 21

On this fine, wonderfully grey, terribly early Sunday morning, I just want to dive in the world of the MG Fantasy novel main character.

Hang out, you know, go to her school, see what she does all day, how she’s like when she’s not trying to make amends for that terrible mistake she made. You know, the kind of mistake that might have cost the life of the guy she’s in love with.

But that will have to wait until nap time…

Good thing, after that very long day in the heat outside, the restless vibes seem to have quiet down.

Fellow writers, my writing goals for this week are to get the YA paranormal Second draft to 30 K words and start typing a rough draft for the MG Fantasy novel (I need to find a working title for the MG Fantasy novel, it’s getting confusing!).

I hope you gals and guys had a wonderful week, an even better weekend, full of great moments and wonderful words on the page.

Thank you so much to have taken the time to tag along once more. It means a lot.

Until next time !

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