Weekly Writing Diary: Dreams and Nightmares in Writer Wonderland

dreams as well as nightmares are often a well of inspiration for writers worldwide, a wonderland of possibilities

Monday, Day 30


Fellow writers, is your writing influenced by your dreams?

The whole YA paranormal novel comes from a dream I still can remember with such clarity, it’s crazy!

Me dreams have been busy last night. There was people from the past. From movies I love. A funny scene with one of my favorite movie director.


A very dear friend who past away, sitting outside in a chair, surrounded by twilight. People busy prepping a party.

Her image was a clear souvenir I have of her, sitting in a couch at my grandma’s place, in a pretty dress and pointy shoes.

Funny how I can remember that image, and cannot, for the life of me, remember thousand of others.

Of course, not only our words can be influenced by our dreams. Our spirits too.

And this morning, good thing: I just wanna write. And go back to that twilight place, where my very dear friend is sitting.

Tuesday, Day 31

I stayed in bed, yesterday. And wrote to my heart content. Wrote until daylight faded behind thunderstorm clouds.

I wrote half of a very satisfactory detailed (second) outlined for MG Fantasy. I compared it with the outlined written a month ago, and boy, letting a story sit a little while pays the heck off!

See, I used MG Fantasy again. Let’s find a working title. Let’s call it… « TTHD ».

It doesn’t read like it, but that title up there took me twenty minutes to figure out. Titles are sooo hard. Dear fellow writers, do you have the same trouble, finding a title for your stories?

Anyhoudelidou, I hope to keep the same writing motivation and speed today. Let’s start this off with some revisions for the ex-YA paranormal.

Wednesday, Day 32

Blocked by a timeline issue, I went back to the drawing board and used a very fun method to checkpoint the outline of the TTHD writing project.

I did talk about that writing technique based on the 3 Act, 9 block, 27 chapter from Katytastic in other posts.

I use it only at the outlining stage, to make sure all the important keys points of the story are there.

There it was, late in the story : the inciting incident.


It works.

Or does it?

Think, think, think…

Thursday, Day 33

Have I ever told you, dear fellow writers, that I am a very lazy person?

Today is yet another chores day. The kind of chores I really don’t want to tackle since it’s related to pretty superficial stuff.

I need a new this, and a that also… In order to do that, I have to leave the words behind, get in the car and « DaDaDaaaahhh », go to a big as* shopping mall.

Oh dear…

Friday, Day 34

Very good start for the writing day !

Must admit, and I don’t know about you, dear fellow writers, but when I spend hours in the middle of the night trying to fall back asleep, I end up thinking a lot about my stories.

Last night was such a night, for kiddo had a nightmare and hubby-to-be soon started to mumble while snoring.

Although I still can’t decide what’s the best timeline to roll with for the MG Fantasy (I like that name better than TTHD to be honest!), I was able to fix the always elusive « something’s missing » for a chapter ending.

It’s an energizing start, but I doubt I’ll be able to work further on, for it’s Friday and, classic, I have to-do-list stuff to do!

Saturday, Day 35

Oh glorious weekend !

The naptime writing session was spent looking at the almost three years old fighting sleepiness with all this good world might.

Words were not written, but rest assured, dear fellow writers, beer will drink under the sunny sky just soon enough.

Sunday, Day 36

Revised one chapter today.

Tried to keep on going, but the kiddo had other plans, like crying for many reasons, one of which would be : « I don’t want it to be Sunday. »

Who said there was a good side to everything? Don’t know, but as a parent, I can tell you that I’m more motivated to write when kiddo is acting the heck out.

As Bob Ross once said: « We can do anything in our little world. »

Anything like walking down a winter wonderland like suburb street, hands in the pockets of very warm coat, thinking of the way that guy smiled that time.

One week before the back-to-the-payroll-life begins, yet again.

Thanks again for tagging along once more. I really appreciate you taking the time to read about my crazy writing adventures.

Fellow writers, may all the good words flow your way until next time!

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