Weekly Writing Diary: Crowded writer’s mind.

my writer mind is crowded with work stuff to do, with work stuff frustrations to deal with,

Monday, Day 65

Ready, steady… go, day job week !

What a wordy day, full of wordy words.

Did a whole lot of research, a crazy ton of re-writing. And tomorrow does not look like it’s gonna be less mind-crowding.

I’m thinking about working on both writing projects. But writing this, dear fellow writers, I fell asleep.

With a faint feeling of being a failed wanna-be author, plus thinking this is sooooooooooooooooo boring you might pass out reading it, I bid you goodnight.

Tuesday, Day 66

Oh my.

I thought this re-writing day at the day job would never end.

The little grey cells worked a bunch. It was both exhausting and energizing.

Enough to keep me awake and revise an entire chapter on the YA paranormal?

Wednesday, Day 67

The answer to yesterday question is: nope !

Tiredness overtook all the words.

Then, I had my best night of sleep ever, woke up at 4am, revised three chapters and wrote 5K words before dawn……….. yeah, no, that really did NOT happen.

Now that kiddo is growing up, it’s harder to get any kind of work done, both in the morning and evening.

You see, dear fellow writers, these days, Kiddo wants things.
Many things. All the things. All the time.

As soon as I start typing…

It’s really tough to focus. And that’s pretty much all I have time to write for now.

Fellow writers, I hope you’re well, I hope you’re safe. Until tomorrow!

Thursday, Day 68

Glitch with WordPress today !

Are you like that, fellow writers? When the writing software you’re using have a glitch, or upgrade overnight, you spend forever trying to either understand why, go back to how it was before… or toss everything aside before you get physical with the software?

Anyway-delidou, back to chat a bit about writing.

It’s… almost going. I still struggle to find time (proper alone time!) to write.

Hope is around the corner though. Day off tomorrow!! Hooray!

Friday, Day 69

« I don’t want to adult today ». A luxury I had, what seems to be ages ago, in another life.

Now that I’m a parent, I can’t afford to stay in bed, binge watch cooking shows while eating what I can find in the fridge, like what I would have looove to do today.

Instead, chores, chores, and more chores.

Saturday, Day 70

I wanted to take a long break from writing this weekend, but I’ve been so busy bee with the day job, and so tired, and so taken by kiddo, I scarcely wrote a word.

Even though the long weekend is jammed pack with activities, I want to make up for all the words I didn’t get to write.

My goals are the same as last Sunday: 1k words for MG Fantasy, 1 chapter revised for YA paranormal.

So far, so good, I’ve got roughly 300 words in for MG Fantasy. Let’s hope naptime brings us closer to the writing goal!

Sunday, Day 71

A big day.

Impossible to write today, but it’s okay. I was supposed to be on a writing-break for a good reason. My family and I had a long weekend jam-packed with activities.

Tomorrow, we’re having people over… outside, in the backyard, two meters apart, we’re still doing the right things to stay safe and healthy.

Can’t help wondering about the Holidays though…

Well, we’ll see! For now, autumn is coming in my little francophone north-American bubble.

September is such a wonderful time, cool weather, trees leaves changing colors, clear blue skies… when clouds make way for a little sun!

I love, love, love autumn and everything about it!

Dear fellow writers, may all the good words flow your way. Stay safe!



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