Weekly Writing Diary: How to find time to write when you have young kids?

Note to the readers: Thanks for taking the time to read this. I try to answer that impossible question at the end of this post. I’m no expert, just a parent and a writer on a crazy quest. Enjoy!

Monday, Day 72

Labour day today. Will I’ll be able to take advantage of it and write all day?

Noooope ! For a day-off, when you have kids, means doing some activity or some sort.

Today, family is coming over to enjoy an windy lunch.

Talking movies with the family today had me realized why I’m writing in the before-internet era.

No, no, it’s not only because I’m a 35 to 44 years old mom who was becoming quite the misanthrope even before… well, pick your nightmare, dear fellow writers.

Because… Oh, I think it’s mainly because I’m a bit disconnected of the day to day life of older kids, middle-graders and teenagers.

Disconnected from social media, from the latest movie/tv show/album, from everything.

Where did my curiosity go ?

Tuesday, Day 73

It rained last night. The clouds chose to stay around while the strong winds went on. Seeking new adventures, no doubts.

I’ve been working as a stay-at-home part-time employee for a month now. And finding, not only the time but the ENERGY to write has been a real challenge

Today was such a bad workday, I actually started working on the MG Fantasy rough draft during a very important meeting. Bossy-boss-boss was once again talking to no-end. Retired-Counselor was nodding. I was this close of calling the whole thing off.

Fridgin’ money, am I right or am I right, dear fellow writers?

The evening writing felt like a comfy blanket, a refuge. A place of freedom and imagination. It lasted nearly half-an-hour to.


Wednesday, Day 74

All the words sounds weird today.

I talked to one of my oldest, dearest friends. The one fighting against cancer. Her doctors are happy, she’s not. She told me what was happening, how she was feeling, how she was treated at the public hospital.

With a sinking heart, I tried to write.

All the words sounds weird today.

Thursday, Day 75

Woke up too early, in an ugly bad mood. Spent the day trying to make a new WordPress site look like the Demo Theme. But of course, the theme I choose doesn’t seem to come with that little « demo sample ».

Can’t wait to fall asleep and left today behind.

Friday, Day 76

Chores, chores, chores, chores, chores. Then, at last, it was time to go to bed with my stories.

Kiddo is not sleeping. Mama writer has a hard time to focus on the words.

Mama has a hard time. How do find time to write when you have young kids?

I would love to hear something else then « make time » or « ask for help ». Like this will make kiddo stop playing, yelling, asking, asking, asking, wailing. Like a young kiddo will remember five minutes later that mama, or papa, who’s working all week, still has to work on week-ends.

I am left with one choice, really: write at night.

Saturday, Day 77

Beautiful morning, with a blue fall sky, golden, warm sunlight, even thought it’s cold enough to wrap ourselves up in a good vest. Or better yet, soft pj and furry blanket.

We chose the outdoor. Tree leaves are changing colour. It was a great day.

As for the writing? Words have been written. Not a lot, but every word counts.

Tomorrow shall bring more words. And even more if kiddo takes a nap.

Sunday, Day 78

How to find time to write when you’re a parent of young kids?

As I’m writing this, kiddo is talking to me. Looking over my shoulder. Instead of screen, I see a bunch of dark hair.

We’re 10 minutes later, back to the laptop.

And just guess what happened…!

Finding the time… and the energy

I got back to working as an employee. Nevertheless, my crazy quest is still to be able to earn living selling novels. My goal is to become a full-time writer. It’s a real thing.

Like many, many writers and parents out there, I have tons of things to take care of.

Although I made writing a priority and cut down on family and social meetings (long before the pandemic confinement), I can’t help but to feel so discouraged, I’m wondering why I keep trying.

After more than 70 days, I only wrote 3000 words for the MG fantasy. As for the YA, I’m at chapter 12… out of 35 or so.

Will that book see the light of a reader eye ? Yes, but when?

Finding the time… out of the box

Like yours truly, dear fellows writers and mom and dads, you’ve been reading many blog posts about that very topic. Instead of writing. I Know, haha!

We all know what to do to find time to write:

  • ask for our significant other or a close relative for help with the kids
  • schedule writing time and stick to it, even if it means skipping on meeting with friends sometimes
  • create a writing routine that tells our brain: creative writing time!
  • turn off Wi-Fi and get away from any distractions while writing
  • write with others (live write-in on youtube are still going strong now in September 2020!)
  • make yourself accountable
  • work with an outline if possible

But then, kiddo as something. But then, kiddo wakes up three-four times a night. But then, something at work is eating up all the space in your brain. But then… You get the idea.

That’s not all though.

Even when I had way more free time on my hands, more than often I couldn’t find the energy, the will to sit down and do what I love to do the most: write.

In order to get through, to keep writing in this somewhat chaotic routine, I, parent of a young kiddo, had to let go.

Letting go. It’s so hard, but it’s the best advice I am left with, after researching about it.

Let go of the perfect writing plan, the perfect writing schedule, the ideal writing routine. And some of those awesome writings tips I like, I’ll keep for later.

My writing goal will be: write as often as possible, and REST when I need to.

I also want to finish rough drafting MG fantasy by Christmas, plus finish revising YA paranormal.

Mmmm, sounds like I might have to start writing at 3 am…

Dear fellow writers, as always, thanks many, many time for reading. Until next time, I wish you all the good words!

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