Weekly Writing Diary: Saving the Main character and starting over!

Writing really is an re-writing, constantly thinking outloud (but nor loudly, otherwise people think you're crazy). This mama writer hit the writing wall again, but thanks to past experiences, the recovery was swift.

Monday, Day 79

« One more week. One more week. You can keep this job for one more week. Come on. One more week. »

The mantra goes round and round in my head, as the sun rises behind dark clouds.

Day job pays the bills… and the debts.

Writing all day without any kind of income, plus carrying around debts is not viable, dear fellow writers, as you are all well aware.

Come to think of it, even when I had time, there would days where I couldn’t write more than a paragraph.

It’s all about having a story to tell. A good one too.

Tuesday, Day 80

Great writing start this morning!

Since it’s been difficult to either focus or find the time / the energy to write lately, that good start is more than welcome.

Smoke from the West coast wildfires have reached the skies of Quebec this morning. An orange circle shines not so bright behind it.

This terrible year is not over, dear fellow writers…

Wednesday, Day 81

Writing novels, getting traditionnaly published, self-publishing and selling more than a lucky 100 copies…

It used to be very hard.

Not only did you had to be a skilled writer with a darn good story, you had to be good at marketing.

Now… Oh, now !

Many authors out there have just the thing to help us sell our self-published book, dear fellow writers. Bundles of tips, e-courses of good advice…

Thursday, Day 82

This week is dragging. This part-time day job is taking way too much space in my brain. Eating my energy.

Friday, Day 83

Woke up early enough to say hello to the #5amwritersclub on Twitter, the other place where I virtually hang this days… about 3 minutes a week!

And – guess – what… … !!!

Kiddo woke up almost immediately, quickly followed by hubby-to-be. Which made me realized I really, really need REAL alone time to write.

Nevertheless, 4k words in the rough MG Fantasy draft, hooray !

Saturday, Day 84

« Happy birthday Kiddo! Happy birthday Kiddo! »

Sunday, Day 85

Once again, I hit a writing wall.

Not with the outlined this time, but with the main character’s personality.

The backstory of the main character is a truly harsh one. Sure, yes, ok, major drive to the character personality, motivations, current state, and desired future-self state. Yes, got it.

Nevertheless, she turned out to be a happy-as-can-be despite behind 13 (it’s a big deal in her reality) normal teenager.

She’s a very talented musician, she likes to hang out with her two best friends on the week-end and gossip about school things or her forever crush, the son of her grandma’s best friends. At school, even if she’s having a tough time because, again, she turned 13, she stays positive if not a little more quiet and shy then she used to be.

She’s a happy teenager with a slight very big problem she’s half-aware of. Simple as that. However, there I was, dear fellow writers, having her cry upon an old terrible souvenir, on the very first page of the rough draft !!!

Funny thrilling mystery, about our parents heritage, freedom, friendship. Now, where to begin – again?

Thanks you for reading my writing ramblings.

Happy writing week !

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