To Make A Long Story Short

The writing goals are a must do for me. When the New Year begins, I sit down and plan away to achieve my writing goals.

New Year, New Writing Goal

It’s the beginning of the year 2021. A year of transition, of new hopes.

And a year for finishing some writing projects and starting new adventures.

The writing quest is a never-ending one!

In Short

I geared up. Pen, paper, writing motivation at its best. Ready to planned my writing year and write down my 2021 writing goals.

But one mama writer with a young kiddo at home does not simply sit down and write.

To make a long story short, victim of a hot chocolate mess, pipi mishaps and a felt pen artistic project, the living room couch was drying after a thorough clean up, so I cleared a space on the coffee table, otherwise crowded with art&crafts treasures, grab my rather dull-in-comparison pen and made my first attempt to get to work.

Only to be invaded by a kiddo with a great idea: make a nest for mummy (kiddo watches Peppa Pig a lot), then dress her up for winter… inside.

Since the beginning of the confinement, I’ve learned that the « Mama is trying to work, could you just give me a moment please » argument takes way longer to implement than simply take ten minutes to play.

Plus, I taught, daycare will start again very soon and I’ll have to go back to – everything; day-job, launch the new business blog, finish a YA novel, self-publish another one… alouette! 

May as well enjoy the time we’re spending together.

Long story short, yes-yes-yes, I remember. Now, sitting there, surrounded by an over-happy bundle of joy, the one thing left to do was looking out the windows at the neighbor’s bare trees.

Flabbergasting, am I right or am I dang right? But I have point, I swear.

Right there, sitting on my living room floor, I realized that simply do nothing else than taking in the beauty of bare tree branches and the daylight sky, is something I haven’t done in a very, very long while.

Strangely enough, it was like going back in time, when I used to just sit outside at home, looking out a window and daydream the hours away.

I forgot how both peaceful and inspiring it was, to open my heart to the moment.

Kiddos are amazing teachers, aren’t they?

best books of 2020

Writing Goals for 2021

Setting writing goals is a must-do for me. This year however, I also have a publishing goal. Aaaaahhhhh!

Indeed yes, this year on my writing quest, I will enter the Self-Published Author Realm. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

It means learning and prepping so many new things. Since I’m easily overwhelmed, planning is an absolute necessity.

I’ll be drafting less and revising way more this year. It still writing

  • Finish Revising, Editing, Copyproofing the YA paranormal Redstones House (despite the title, it’s written in French), so I can finally send it to traditional publishers (that only took a year and a half.. *sigh*… but it will happen nonetheless!)
  • Finish re-writing La tour de Norwood. Can you believe it, after all these years working on this project, I’m still not so sure about the title.
  • Start re-writing the BIG fantasy series that’s been sitting there for almost a decade now. Time to retrousser mes manches and write it. That writing project is a major one for me. Maybe THE major one. I doubt I will ever get myself into such a big writing project again.
    But then, who knows what the writing future holds!
  • Finish drafting a mystery-fantasy-with-a-retro-twist MG novel. This one is super exciting, although it might take several months before I get to work on it since I’m planning to…:
  • Write and self-published a RomComXmas novel! That’s the big 2021 both writing and publishing and marketing challenge.

It seems like a crazy amount of work. Maybe it is. A lot of these writing projects are well underway. I simply haven’t put in the time required to finish them.

Something I believe I’ll be able to do but for which I’m NOT gonna crazy stressed about. In 2021, my most important writing goal is to have FUN writing.

Dear fellow writers, I’m very grateful that you had take the time to read this post.

May all the good words be with you.

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