Writing Adventures Day 22: The Night of Wonderful Dreams

I slept. Less than more.


Oh. Wow. Oh wow. OH WOW!

The new writing project, the one for Middle-Graders, sort of unfolded itself all throughout the night.

First Act, the characters start off with a weird thing happening, going about their newfound important business in pastel clothes (what?! why!?).

Act two. A several-several-headed monster, each head opening its eyes one after the other, grabbing your attention everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
The characters trying to slay the monster’s shadowy essence. And failing.

Geez, just such a wonderful dream.

Luckily, or unfortunately, it depends where you stand, dear fellow writer, in the whole pantser/plotter/a-bit-of-both debate, I can’t remember Act 3.

I just know it was. Well, it IS there, safe and sound in my imaginary world.

Which comes as a true and needed lifesaver during these out-of-house day job times.

Since I promise, a few blog posts ago, that I wouldn’t talk about the day job anymore, I won’t.
Except to say, as time goes by, it is slowly gnawing tincy-tiny bits of my soul beliefs.

This job is required. Necessary.

Where’s your’s « accept-and-move-on-to-the-happy-side » button, fellow writer?

Despite more than twenty working years, I never seemed to be able to found mine.

Until next time, take the best care of yourself, thanks for being here and may all the good words flow your way!

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