Day 28: Early Halloween Vibes

Halloween season provides the perfect excuse to create a writing-inspiring ambience in the house!

Since the morning was nerve-wracking and a tat difficult and impossible to recover from fast enough to be able to focus on writing, better do something utterly fun and relaxing: getting the house in its spooky Halloween state.

What happened this morning?
A two hours drive to and back from a pediatric dentist who has his office in Montreal’s Little Italy.
Followed by a solid three hours of on-and-off desperate crying.

Topped with a fight about the virtues of soft food after a heavy cavity repair.

Happy pumpkin drawings and smiling ghost cardboard silhouettes were highly required!

Of course, I guess – I suppose – I don’t know,
the whole decoration thing made me think about the novel involving ghosts I’m still working on after all those years.

Truth be told, I thought more about the past couple of years than the novel itself, although they’re closely linked so, this explained that.

What a burden burnout is when you wanna earn a living writing novels, wouldn’t you agree, fellow writers?

I had all that time but I couldn’t do anything.

Now, my time is not mine anymore and geez, I feel like I could write all day.

Working retail always has been a great motivation fuel for me.

And if I didn’t require so much time to recuperate from the after-effects of the said retail job, meaning the exhaustion, the aching, the mind-numbing, oh yes, I would write a storm.

But for now, I enjoy looking at the decorations my kiddo proudly put everywhere in the leaving room.

It’s beautiful.

Fellow writers, until next time, take the best care of yourself.

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