How to Make the Words Work?

Words are just up there in our minds, minding their own word business. An infinity of possibilities swirling around in our human brain.

Are they asking to be great, wonderful, mind-blowing? Breath-taking, mysterious, sublime? Nope!

They simply are. But they don’t know that.

For words, and the other words surrounding them, words are just words. A series of signs put one after the other.

The sole business of a writer is to choose those words in order to tell a story.




« Then why the words don’t work anymore », cries the exhausted mama writer.

Bright Sunshine, Yummy Prose

Waking up at 5 am to write.
Writing during day job break.
Sipping strong caffeinated liquids late at night, to try and stay awake to write.

We can do it all, dear fellow writers, and still look at the words and find them all at the wrong places. Every. Single. Time.

Every single time I sat down to write this week, every word felt wrong. Every single time.

The choices are limited here: push through or give the whole weekly writing goal a break.

Many authors have said it before, and if you’re a friend of this humble writer on a quest community (thank you for being here!), you know I’ve mentioned several times: taking a short break from writing can boost the creativity oh so much.

I don’t know why I always fight it when the writing gets impossible, but at least this time I gave in before it turned into a writing block.

Time to clean up. The mind, the soul, the writing projects.

The geese have come back.

Spring is coming.

At last.

Dear fellow writers, thanks for tagging along with me on this crazy writing quest.

May all the good words (the very ones I can’t seem to find right now!) flow your way!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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