Writing Diary. Day 103-104-105: Writing mood

Writing mood, I've never encounter an author talking about writing mood as a form of writing process, but guess what? I'm a Mood Writer !!!

The editing is going surprisingly well with the MG novel.

I gathered I needed a break from zero drafting the YA project, a change of scenes and sceneries.

The YA project takes us a bit in the past, or in the before-the-Internet era. Despite the fantasy-paranormal zest of the whole story, I didn’t feel like diving into that world, back from a down-below-zero period.

I wanted… fantastic creatures, adventures, a quest of self-discovery. The MG novel is all that, plus dragons, cross-overs and a new plot twist.

All that was brewing at the back of my head, I guess, since I stopped editing back in September to start drafting the new YA writing fantasy-paranormal project.

It must have because editing the MG novel is going very well.
A major shocker, because editing is usually the part I’m not looking forward too.

Doubts about the writing process

Before taking writing from hobby to full-time career goal, I’ve been reading TONS of author’s blog and writing craft books.
I don’t remember ever reading about a « mood » writing process.

And I never thought I was that kind of writer until very recently.
Up until I realized I needed to be kinder with myself in order to enjoy writing again, basically.

Even though I should first finish the zero draft of that WIP I’ve been journaling all through Fall, because it’s the more professional approach, plus sure way to finish the book…
I’M NOT DOING IT, hahaha !

Because, I’m a mood writer, ok!!!!!


Whatever that means, it makes me a happy mama and very happy writer. A more motivated than ever writer too, now that I think of it!

Dear writer friends, I wish your writing makes you happy too.

Thanks for reading!

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