Diary of a writing project. Day 193: Almost there, 65K !

Keeping a positive mindset have been, still is, my biggest challenge this week.

Despite a flickering writing motivation, I was able to keep my word to the words, so to speak.

But it’s hard to shut up that voice of reason in my head: will the small publishers of my small francophone north-american bubble will survive the pandemic? and if they do, will they be able to afford to take a chance on us, unknown authors?

The answer to that is: publishers rejected your previous manuscript way before the pandemic event, dear, so… keep on writing, and the best story you can write too !!!

Since I’m not the only one, especially these days, to have a conversation with myself, or in front of the mirror, I know you won’t I’m a nut case… Right?

Counting the words or counting the clouds

Again and again, I’ve been going from watching the screen to watching the clouds.

I get about four hours of me, myself and my brain every day: when the kiddo is napping and when the kiddo goes to bed at night.

Confinement means the main caregiver kids see all day should be either dad or mom. No one else is allowed inside your house. And everything outside is closed, so there’s no where to go.

It’s been almost a month. Kiddo is going berserk, with grown-ups everywhere all the time.
As for the grow-up… it’s starting to get fairly depressing. Hard on the parent moral. Hard on the words I really, really want top put on the pages.

Then, I opened my Word document (yep, I’m one of those old fashion weirdos, although I will move on to Scrivener this year; I tried it out and I really like it, especially for long, complicated projects, like my fantasy novel) and I write a sentence or two. And then I look outside the window.

Not that there’s much to see, except rooftops and pine crowns here and there and the clouds in the sky.

Today, the clouds look friendlier then usual. More comfy too. Very inviting.

But I’ll stay here. With the words inside my head. Big G’s up there only know whit whom the clouds have been hanging out. And where.

Fellow writer, thanks again, with feelings, for reading. I hope you’ll be able to catch my next rambling blog post.

May all the good words be with you!

Auteur : Marie Alice

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