Diary of a writing project. Day 194-195-196: eating more, writing less

What a unproductive week-end ! Writing wise, doing a good job as a mom and a parent wise !

Oh dear, oh dear, when will that book be finished !!!

I don’t know. But the food was good though…

Easter weekend

For a lot of people, being forced to stay home during Easter weekend was a depressing duty, a very hard, harsh consequence of the pandemic.

For me, it was heaven. No packing up. No travelling. No stress. None.

I cooked for the family, ham and potatoes, green beans and braised in maple syrup cabbages. There was an egg hunt after naptime, provided by my neighbors, the poor dear souls. They are so-so-SO bored.

We cooked some more, a lasagna, blueberries muffins, and my very first successful bread.

On the other end, the words were pretty hard to cook up… (is it funny? I think it’s a bit funny, like it’s bad enough so it kind of is funny… anyway).

I did hit another milestone. 63K words. But it feels like I should be 10K words ahead.

That being said, despite the low word count, due to a low writing productivity rate, the novel is getting written, the work continues.

Let’s hope I find enough motivation this week… to try and get motivated to write.

Dear fellow writers, I can’t thank enough for reading my blog ramblings. Until next time, I hope!

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