Writing the Kissing Scene : A Love Story

Looking back at every single one of my writing project, there’s always a love story.

Even if it’s far in the back burner, it’s always there.

I mentioned it before, the (consensual and true and beautiful) kissing scene as always been one of my favourite moment in any kind of story.

It’s so exciting !!! After all that time, and waiting, and those two almost kissing or looking at each other (hello « Miss Fisher » and the first seasons of « Castle »!), it’s finally happening.

Fireworks! Love triumphs! Happily ever after (p.s.: I don’t want to know about the after; I just care about the kissing scene really)!

My love story with the kissing scene has been a long, steady one.

And now, with my Christmas Rom-Com writing project, I get to put that knowledge in practice and created the most romantic kissing scene ever.

No pressure.

Love is All You Need

When working on a new writing project, I find the love interest of the main characters is crucial to establish right away the big personality traits of said characters.

  • Taking action so the love interest look the main character way?
  • Musing between kissing stories while dreaming of the love interest that got away?
  • Nurturing deep feelings for a love interest the main character only know from far?
  • Fighting an attraction because the main character is at war with its own personality?
  • Dreaming of the love interest who lives with a different or closed religious reality, or trying to get in touch anyway?

I do believe I’m not going to shock your world, dear fellow writers, when I too say that the ways of the heart is a major drive for characters.

In a Christmas Rom-Com movie or novel, never have I seen a main character dealing with a dark-heavy-difficult-to-face backstory. The drive in those movie or novels is to learn to love oneself, or finding a way to allow the love the heart feels to shine under the snowy night sky, brighten by soft Christmas lights.

Darkness is not what we, the readers/audience, are expecting. We are expecting gorgeous people, gorgeous landscape and charming decors, loads of fun and a kiss between the main character and the love interest at the end.

We want to leave with a smile, and hope shining in our hearts.

Here’s my problem: I wanna twist and shout on those golden expectations while giving the readers everything they’re looking for.

In one word, I’m waltzing on thin line, between the main characters old scars and the lighthearted atmosphere I want to dive in.

There’s a good chance several kissing scenes will be written. Just to test it out. You know.

Dear fellow writers, thank you so much to have taken the time to read this. I’m very grateful!

Until next time, may all the good words flow your way.

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